Bachelor of Economics

The subject of bachelor thesis in economics – testing in silver

The subject of bachelor thesis in economics should be interesting. The following article will present a fascinating issue, which is investing in silver. It can be very interesting not only for various theoreticians of economics, but also for people who are interested in multiplying money.

The first chapter of such a bachelor’s degree should be a purely theoretical chapter. It should present the history of silver as a means of payment. You have to list the various properties of silver in it. In addition, you must indicate what is in favor of investing in silver and what testifies against such activity.

We can conclude that the advantage of silver is that it can not be printed. It is an advantage that combines silver and gold. It is not without reason that gold and silver are God’s money. The advantage of silver is that it has a huge number of applications in the industry. It exceeds gold in this field.

The disadvantage of investing in silver is that the price of this metal is influenced by a large amount of the so-called paper silver. Experts from the precious metals market claim that these paper silver do not really exist and artificially lower the price of physical silver.

Another disadvantage of silver is that it is subject to 23% VAT. This tax is not charged for the purchase of gold. For many investors, paying such a high tax for a good day is a considerable inconvenience.

The second chapter must be a research chapter. It needs to be presented in detail about the effectiveness of investing in silver in a given period of time. It is worth comparing in this chapter what the rate of return looks like when investing in silver, and the rate of return when investing in stocks or bonds.

The third chapter should contain an appropriate summary. It has to be clearly defined what the effectiveness of investing in silver is. You can also try to present a trend in which the price of silver will go in the future.

The subject of the bachelor thesis, which fascinates – silver.
The subject of bachelor thesis in economics should be fascinating. Investing in silver is certainly such a topic. Work on this topic can be an interesting introduction to work as a financial adviser or stockbroker.