Interesting topics

Interesting topics on which students write their bachelor’s theses in economics

Interesting topics in economics are interesting not only for typical economists, but also for ordinary readers. If the topic is really interesting, then you can think about wider commercialization of our knowledge.

Themes to choose when we want to write a bachelor thesis in economics are a wide range. In fact, everyone is interested in something else and who else wants to analyze or examine. The first topic that can be given as an example is: the transformation of women’s situation in the labor market in UK in the period from 1996 to 2016. This is very interesting, because this situation has been gradually changing.

As part of such work, it is worth presenting the most important concepts related to the labor market. Then it is worth presenting how the situation on the labor market is generally shaped. The next stage could be to divide the examined years into shorter periods and present how this situation has been gradually changing.

Another interesting topic of bachelor’s thesis in economics is e-commerce on a chosen example. As part of this type of study, it is worth discussing the essence and theory of e-commerce at the beginning. Then it is worth choosing the example on which we will be based, i.e. it may be, among others, Allegro Sp. from o. o.

After its general description, it is worth focusing on the discussion of e-commerce in this example. A lot of materials such as regulations and other documents of this portal are available on the official website. In case you can, go to Allegro with a request to provide the necessary missing materials.

Interesting topics in economics – examples

Interesting subjects from economics may refer to unusual economic phenomena. Such phenomena can certainly include the so-called bubbles on the financial markets. Another interesting subject from economics may concern financial pyramids. Recently, it was very loud about them in Europe.

Another interesting subject from economics is certainly the euro zone and its further survival. Many successful economists claim that this currency will certainly not survive. Another fascinating topic is cryptocurrencies. The subject of such a work, for example, may bear a working name: “why cryptocurrencies are a revolution in economics?”.